Design Assessment & Design Modifications to Lift Devices


All overhead-lifting devices must meet minimum design criteria to be acceptable for use. A professional engineer must assign a structural rating after a thorough design assessment has been completed.  The device is evaluated by reviewing the dimensional properties, basic design construction, material type & strength, and weld construction.  The device is subjected to requirements of Canadian design codes and rated for use. Modifications to existing equipment are often required to meet the specific requirements of the client.  All modifications should be carried out under the direction of a professional engineer.

Manufacturing of Rigging Associated with Lift Devices

Spreader bars, lift beams, manbaskets and material baskets are regularly used in the hoisting industry.  The rigging is built to fit the clients’ needs. A design for building the equipment is presented to a qualified contractor for construction.  It is then subjected to structural inspection before it is certified and presented to the client.