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Experience Matters: Knowledge, Ability & Competency to Get the Job Done

Experience Matters: Knowledge, Ability & Competency to Get the Job Done
Newspost Author:  Shan Switzer, Branch Manager, Edmonton.
The year 2015 had some major milestones for key people at RED ENGINEERING. Experience plays a large role when it comes to engineering/inspections of cranes and lift equipment.  Due to lift equipment having numerous makes and models, all having certain critical areas that could experience structural fatigue, an experienced and highly trained team is essential.  A key to the success of any inspection company is to have a team that have the knowledge, ability and competency to get the job done. Below are some of our staff we would like to congratulate on years of service and certifications acquired this past year.

10 years of service:

Lee Nguy  (Edmonton)
Shan Switzer  (Edmonton)

5 years of service:

Ryan Pouliot  (Fort McMurray)
Brian Colbourne   (Fort McMurray)
Craig Mitchell  (Edmonton)
Kelsey Lillico (Calgary)

CGSB accreditations  (MT II):

Ryan Pouliot  (Fort McMurray)
Molly Pouliot   (Fort McMurray)
Julia McIntosh  (Fort McMurray)
David Bowie  (Calgary)
Liam Gillan (Calgary)
Mary Novick (Edmonton)
Tim Bagu  (Edmonton)

CWB accreditations (W178.2):

Liliam Gillan  (Calgary)
Megan Cook  (Fort McMurray)
Great job everybody!   Congratulations on these milestones and look forward to many more milestones and accreditations this coming year!  
Onward to another great year 2016



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