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Celebrating 20 Years to Date & More Years to Come!

Celebrating 20 Years to Date & More Years to Come!
It’s been a long 2017 but a fast 20 years…Red Associates would like to send our best wishes in the new year to all of our customer’s old and new, friends and families and the entire Crane & Rental community.  
The year 2017 had many up’s and down’s with maybe more down’s than up’s but with that being said (1997- 2017) “WAS A PLEASURE” to share and experience with all of you.   In those 20 years with support and further making of friendships and business partnerships we were able to grow from a couple old Ford trucks to branches in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Alberta, to our sister company UTL in Kamloops B.C, Saskatoon and now to Regina Sask.
We were fortunate to work with many great people over the years and continue to look forward to forging new supportive business partnerships.  We have seen the plant sites, roads, skylines of many provinces and now Edmonton Ice District, river valley, LRT change. We have shared growth, prosperity, hardships and uncertainties with all of you. 
Red Associates has learned with the help from all of our customers that relationships created with other businesses, commitment, experienced staff and teamwork are keys to our success and longevity.   We are still focused on the evolving Crane and lift technologies with the promise to continually provide the best technicians, engineers, administration personnel in 2018.   We would like to thank all friends/customers who were able to share our 20 year anniversary with us and look forward to ever strengthening those relationships in the coming years.
Cheers, and thank you for your ongoing support! 



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