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Red Associates Engineering Fort McMurray, Alberta Office Update : May 9, 2016

Red Associates Engineering Fort McMurray, Alberta  Office Update : May 9, 2016

Our operations in Fort McMurray have been temporarily interrupted as a result of the wild fires currently burning in the area. Our staff and management has been evacuated safely and are currently staged in the Edmonton area. We are very grateful that all staff are safe. As of the latest information we have received, we can advise that our office building in the Taiga Nova Industrial Park on the North side of Fort McMurray is safe from the fire. However, we are not aware of the condition of the services provided to the building such as power, telephone, water and natural gas supply. We will not know the condition of the operation until after the evacuation order is lifted and we can return to Fort McMurray and evaluate the condition of our office, service trucks and equipment.


As a result, please continue to try and contact Megan and our team at our office as normal at 780-713-6464. If you are unable reach our local office, please contact our Edmonton Head Office at 780-466-9494 and we will provide you information and plan any bookings as we are permitted to in the Fort McMurray area while evacuations continue to be in force. Our contacts in Edmonton are:


Inspection Inquires: Shan Switzer

Engineering Inquiries: Lee Nguy P.Eng.

Administration Inquires: Susan Trachuk

President: Darin Richards P.Eng.

Vice President: Barry Besuyen


We know that the process of resuming operations will potentially take some time as services in the city will have to be reestablished. We are committed to providing you the very best service possible as we work through the process of returning to regular operations.


The first responders in Fort McMurray have done a marvelous job of protecting the city and we at Red Associates Engineering are very grateful to all those that have worked tirelessly to protect the city. THANK YOU!!



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